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ZW3B [FR|TV|COM|NET|BLOG] created by LAB3W [FR|COM] the Web and network laboratory, Internet engineering of O.Romain Jaillet-ramey alias LAB3W.ORJ aKa Kss*

2011-2024 :-: ZW3B : The Web by LAB3W ORJ

Design of ZW3B websites [FR|TV|COM|NET|BLOG]

� 2011-2024 by LAB3W O.Romain Jaillet-ramey creator of the ZW3B websites. All rights reserved.

I write on behalf of the site under the nickname ZW3B, LAB3W is the pseudonym I use to speak on behalf of my micro-enterprise and LAB3W.ORJ is my personal name O.Romain Jaillet-ramey with which I publish articles.

LAB3W: O.Romain Jaillet-ramey

� 2011-2024 - ZW3B.FR: Declaration to the CNIL n� 2090607 of August 11, 2017

Intellectual property
Privacy ZW3B is the continuation of the wWwEBALL project (Web site structure generator and content management) is the name of a PHP4/MySQL project (dating from 2003) under GNU/GPL license registered at Conseil National des Engineers and Scientists of France (CNISF - FR, 75008 Paris, 7 rue Lamennais) wWwEBALL 1.4 (2004/02/06 - ref: ZB 19203) created by LAB3W . ORJ alias of O. Romain Jaillet-ramey (RCS: 448854893) aKa Kss*.

ZW3B � LAB3W ZW3B.Engine ZW3B is now managed by this PHP engine or rather with one of the latest updates that I call the application: ZW3B Engine:-: ADMIN.LAB3W .

For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) , read the ZW3B privacy policy :-: The Web XXI, the one concerning cookies. We are always looking for good souls to make partnerships.

You can consult this page to discover the ZW3B community.

ZW3B / LAB3W - On social networks

The Web and Networks Laboratory, InterNet Engineering (LAB3W) as well as ZW3B (The Web Gates), communication portals have pages on social networks to propel various news according to the field of activity!

Community Pages

You can also find me on FaceBook: LAB3W.ORJ as well as on Twitter: LAB3W_ORJ where I speak on behalf of my micro-enterprise LAB3W (Olivier Romain Luc Jaillet-ramey) - SIREN (RCS): 448854893.

Public directory - nod to old people;)

The public directory /pub/ is a read-only directory like a Public FTP which is accessible from all VHosts (websites).

You can list folders and files there (like a file explorer) to retrieve them by saving them.

SSL / TLS Security Certification Authority "LAB3W Root Certificates"

Install the Certificate of Authority from LAB3W Organization: Web and Networks Lab as a trusted certificate.

Transactions between your software/devices and our sites/servers protected by a signed and valid SSL/TLS certificate issued by the Uunit of Organization "LAB3W Unit InterNet Service" of Nom Cummum " LAB3W Root Certificates" will be secure.

Powered GNU/Linux Powered Apache Powered MySQL Powered PHP Powered Pure-FTPd

In any case, the ZW3B team wishes you a pleasant visit.

Best regards, Romain.

2003-2024 � LAB3W O.Romain Jaillet-ramey

� 2003-2024 - LAB3W: Web and network laboratory, Internet engineering, micro-enterprise created in 2003 by O.Romain Jaillet-ramey. All rights reserved.

The Director, Information Systems and Network Security Analyst (Admin SSI), Web Developer (DevOpS) and owner of domain names LAB3W [FR|COM] and ZW3B [FR|TV|COM|NET|BLOG] is O.Romain Jaillet-ramey, freelancer and IT consultant under the name of Web and network laboratory "LAB3W" Internet engineering specialized in Information Systems Security, IPs network and Web development.

IP networks (v4/v6)

High-end Internet service providers OVH.COM is the solution chosen by the Web and Networks Laboratory LAB3W.FR engineering of the InterNet.

LAB3W Architecture International Networks Protocols v4 & v6

You can view the network map: SWAN LAC ZW3B � LAB3W.FR.

Below are the public/global IP addresses of the networks and server machines.


Servers LAB3W: ZW3B are administered by ORJ alias of Olivier.Romain.Jaillet-ramey aKa Kss*, owner: Founder/Technical Director .

InterNet Access Providers - LAB3W - Hosting Service