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My Websites

Welcome to the links of my websites.

Domain names LAB3W.COM & LAB3W.FR

I am registered; in the trade and companies register since May 6, 2003 with the status of auto-entrepreneur - individual society. Which I closed at the end of 2021.

Computer programming, Internet projects, system administrator (Apple, Linux, Windows) and IPs networks, WEB application developer.

Website WWW.LAB3W.FR

My Website, my first domain name.


My IT portfolio.

O.Romain Jaillet-ramey, confirmed W3C.Master developer, +15 years of experience, technology specialist IHM and IP network architectures.

At the end of the 1990s, beginning of 2000, I fell in love with this means of communication, the Internet to create websites and build Linux systems and network infrastructures.


Website administration.

This web interface allows me to manage the structures, skins, headings and content of my websites.


Secure Wide Area Networks xLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol Access Concentrator IP(v4/v6).

This web page allows me to view the active machines on the network.

Domain name ZW3B.FR

My Web Communication.

Website WWW.ZW3B.FR

ZW3B says The Web (The World Wide Web) Portal XXI (21th century).

ZW3B is the grouping of amateurs and passionate or geek professionals.

ZW3B wants to be an Open or Open platform.

The goal is above all to offer the other of the documentation and influence it towards the right method to use. use.

Website API.ZW3B.FR

The Web API: How to use/retrieve/display content from ZW3B sites.[FR|TV|SITE|NET |BLOG] on your website.


Computer documentation on the Art of systems, networks and computer solutions.

You will find on ZW3B at currently many articles dealing with the GNU / Linux operating system, on what affects the different environments / shells, multimedia, security, networks and application servers of this system.

A Free section is open. We talk about HD boxes, personal TVs, routers, IPv6... finally, everything the Freenaut touches; Freenaut myself :-D

The Windows and Mac OS sections are very young and just waiting to be updated. to be embellished:/

Some articles on development languages PHP/SQL, Javascript and CSS, XHTML are available.


The Web Radio: Electro, Deep House, Groove, SoulFull, Funky, Disco

I send my streaming there. radio streams with House, Deep-House sound - You can take control of the radio from home to send live sound.

Website MAIL.ZW3B.FR

The Web Mail: Mail server and a web client.

The ZCS Web Client is a complete collaboration suite that supports e-mail, contacts, group calendars, tasks and document sharing at any time. using an Ajax web interface that enables tooltips, drag and drop, and contextual right-clicking in the user interface, among other things.


The Web Mailing: Mailing server.

On this site are stored the html files of the ZW3B mailings.[FR|TV|SITE|NET|BLOG] - An unsubscribe module is available from a link in each of the mailings.

Domain name ZW3B.TV

Website WWW.ZW3B.TV

The Web TV :-: Videos - Music, Movies, Web links.

I store videos here that I like from Youtube, Dailymotion and UStream - Video platforms.

Domain name ZW3B.NET

Website WWW.ZW3B.NET

The Web Network :-: ZW3B Site Search Platform.

This website allows you to quickly search the contents of the different ZW3B platforms.

Domain name ZW3B.SITE

Domain names IPV01.NET & IPV10.NET

My International Network.

Website WWW.IPV10.NET

Internet Protocol version 10 is accessibility. between the 2 current IP networks: IPv4 and IPv6

Links to IPv10 documentation and technical specifications - for IPv4 - IPv6 networks.

Domain name ZW3B.BLOG


The Web Blog :-: My Blog.

I display my work, my links, my favorites etc.

Domain name ZW3B.EU

Website WWW.ZW3B.EU

The Web Europa :-: ZW3B.EU

ZW3B.EU serves to inform Internet users about the agencies of the European Union, international and some more localized which fight for the Web, respect for salary, social and family life, helping citizens for a safer world in accordance with the protection of private and intellectual life.

Domain name ZW3B.COM

No Website WWW.ZW3B.COM